Give Out Day 2024

Hello PosPeds Community!

Positive Pedalers has been so fortunate to receive winning grants for Give OUT Day the past few years due to all your support, and would love to see that continue this year.

After this year’s 2024 Give OUT Day, Horizons will no longer be able to offer this program. They’ve come to this conclusion with great reluctance, and they regret that it may impact our future fundraising. They stated…

“It’s been a privilege to be your partner — and partner to so many other LGBTQ groups — for these past nine years. We’re proud that this LGBTQ day of giving has helped hundreds of LGBTQ nonprofits to rally their donors and other supporters to raise millions of dollars. As a community foundation that’s of, by, and for our LGBTQ community, we have profound respect for all that you do for LGBTQ people, and we’ve always loved Give OUT Day. We still do, especially how it’s supported smaller LGBTQ organizations that don’t have large fundraising infrastructure.”

We need your help to make the most of the last year for Give OUT Day and help us achieve a winning grant. All it takes is a small donation. The winning grant is based on the number of individual donors, not dollar amount.

For example:

Twenty $25 donations are better than one $250 donation!

We had over 300 individuals donate last year, and the competition is on for us to keep our top spot for 2024.

We want to continue giving back in more ways over the course of the next year and look forward to being back on our bikes together again soon.

The Board of Directors thanks you in advance for all your continued support.

Give OUT Now!