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2015 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner | Richard Nguyen

Richard Nyugen has been a supporter of PosPeds and has ridden in many of the organization’s events including the Paul Hulse Century. He learned about PosPeds through his participation in ALC the past 4 years. He’s excited about completing a

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Larry Flynn plans to cross the USA with his positive public example

  Larry Flynn – Photo by Marcos My name is Larry Flynn.  In 1989 I lost my best friend to AIDS.  It took me 2 years following his death to focus and to think of what I can do to

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Positive Spotlight | Bob Katz

    As told to Tim Wagoner TW- Are you HIV Positive and openly out about it everywhere in your life? BK- Yes, I am HIV-positive. I originally tested positive in 1985. I had previously been a participant in the trials for

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Remembering Edna Flores-Lagunte

by Bob Katz As most already know, the AIDS/LifeCycle community and Positive Pedalers lost a dear friend and a staunch ally with the untimely passing of Edna Flores-Lagunte. While riding with her husband Rich on Day 4 of ALC 2014, Edna suffered cardiac

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Positive Spotlight | Robert Kavanagh

by Lee Hawn Robert’s first interaction with Positive Pedalers was in 2008 when he volunteered his time at AIDS/LifeCycle’s day zero and day one.  He was touched and inspired by the riderless bike and dedication flag ceremony.  Robert knew immediately

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Positive Spotlight | Bill Henry

This Member Spotlight is to celebrate the life of Bill Henry, who passed away on February 25, 2014. By Bob Katz   Seven-time AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) rider, Positive Pedaler and Pos Peds National Board of Directors member, Bill Henry left us on

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Positive Spotlight | Carlos Urrutia

  By Greg Mahusay & Chris Eisenberg: Carlos Urrutia submitted entries for both the Positive Pedalers jersey and the Positive Pedalers T-shirt design competition this year, and was thrilled to discover that his bright and upbeat designs had won in

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Positive Spotlight | Stephen Puibello

  HIV Positive Bi Polar Founder of BiPolarBear.US web site In 1996, just two months after losing his mother to breast cancer, Stephen Puibello learned he was HIV positive.  A few weeks later, extremely depressed and feeling out of control,

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Positive Spotlight | Glen Weinzimer

 Founder of The SMART Ride, Director of TSR Adventures, Inc., Positive Pedaler, and longtime volunteer for AIDS LifeCyle. By: Tim Wagoner It was 1996 and a young man named Glen Weinzimer was told he had 10 days to live and

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Positive Spotlight | Charles King

  Activist, CEO, UNAIDS Delegate, Positive Pedaler By: Blake Strasser On any given day you may find Charles King addressing a crowd at an international HIV/AIDS summit, protesting (and getting arrested) in Senator John Boehner’s office to ensure clinics with

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Positive Spotlight | Casey Lucas

 … I walk around at least a few times a week with something that says I am positive …   By: Chad Jeremy Davis For those of us living with HIV, finding the right opportunity to eliminate stigma through our positive

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Positive Spotlight | Mike Meadows

Living with the Stigma of HIV By Chris Eisenberg Mike Meadows proudly wore his Positive Pedalers jersey as he rode the last few miles of AIDS/LifeCyle into Los Angeles for the closing ceremony of a bike ride that changed his

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Positive Spotlight | Barry Phelan

By Karen Rosenblum If there’s one piece of advice that Barry Phelan wants to give other people who’ve always been told that they cannot do something, it’s to not listen to the naysayers. Having just completed his third Friends for Life

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Member Spotlight | Alvin Rodriguez Ceballos

Positive Pedaler member and first-time ALC rider Alvin tells his story in his own words. My name is Alvin; I was born in the port of Veracruz Mexico, the oldest port in Mexico and in the Americas, the first gateway

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Pos Ped Legacy Lives On

Back in the late 1980s, when access to the very first AIDS drugs was considered a major success, very few people were focused on the fact that HIV+ homeless and near-homeless individuals had a more immediate concern: a roof over

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