Board Spotlight | Scott Campbell


Scott Campbell, who has served on the Board of the Positive Pedalers for two terms-from 2005 to 2007 and again for the last three years-has decided to take a more silent role with PosPeds and retires from the Board this month. He originally joined the board in 2005 to help represent Southern California, which at the time, lacked membership and needed rejuvenation. He was initially asked to serve by his friend and PosPeds’ Co-Chair, David Duncan, with whom he had actively worked at various AIDS Service Organizations in San Francisco.

Scott participated as a cyclist in AIDS/LifeCycle 1 and 2. And while he trained for ALC 3, he was unable to participate. But, after a move to Los Angeles in 2004 to get sober, he returned for ALC 4 as a roadie and then as a five-time cyclist in ALC 5 through 9-four years of which he served as the captain of Team Funky Monkey. Soon after ALC 9, Scott injured his hip during a race which had kept him on the injured list for two years. After two major surgeries (including a total hip replacement just three months ago), Scott is already back on the bike and hoping to be able to ride in ALC in 2013-though he admits he may be jumping the gun. June will be a few months shy of the year his doctor says he will be strong enough to complete the ride, but Scott hopes to prove his doctor wrong.

Besides riding in AIDS/LifeCycle and being on the PosPed Board, Scott has made a lasting mark on the community. One of Scott’s closest friends, Hunter Allen, also struggled with addiction. They rode together on ALC 6 and had hoped to ride again on ALC 7, but within the year, Hunter was gone. With some other friends, Scott helped to found The Baby Dragon Fund just days after Hunter’s death. The Fund raises funds to benefit the Mental Health Services, Crystal Meth Recovery Services and programs for LGBT youth at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. The following year, Scott, along with Hunter’s other friends and family, started The Baby Dragon 180 Ride in memory of Hunter (who was the original “Baby Dragon”). In its two years, The Baby Dragon 180 Ride raised more than $100,000. And while The Baby Dragon 180 Ride is on an indefinite hiatus, there have been several other fundraisers in the last few year to benefit The Baby Dragon Fund and keep Hunter’s memory alive.

Scott has worked as a senior corporate paralegal for about twenty years, and he currently works at a real estate law firm in Century City. He has remained sober since 2005, and he says life, and AIDS/LifeCycle, are far more enjoyable as a sober individual.

While Scott may be retiring from the Board after a total of five years, he vows to remain a strong supporter of the PosPeds. He is very pleased at the direction the organization is evolving. “I would like to continue to see PosPeds grow into a more nationally recognized and represented organization,” he says. “I love the fact that we have a few women on the board, and I love that we have opened up the board to our negative friends.”

Scott admits that coming off the board will allow him more time with his boyfriend of four years, Scott Hall. Friends refer to them as Scott Squared. They are engaged but want to wait until it is legal for them to marry in California. They hope that the Supreme Court rules in their favor next June. If that does happen, look for a fall wedding for Scott Squared.

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