First and foremost, as an HIV+ rider, you should know that you will receive a lot of support before, during and after the ride. There are over 300 HIV + riders and roadies on ALC every year!! ALC staff makes every effort and additional accommodation to ensure the Positive Pedalers are well supported on the ride.


AIDS/LifeCycle 2014

Registration for AIDS/LifeCycle 2014 is now open!  Click HERE to sign up, and join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

ALC 11 - Day 1



There will be a dedicated section in bike parking at the Cow Palace for Positive Pedalers, so all our bikes are racked together and we gather as a group to lead everyone out after Opening Ceremonies. If you shipped your bike, it will initially be racked with all the other bikes from LA – please move it to the PosPed section in bike parking on Orientation Day. If you bring your bike with you on Orientation Day, simply tell the volunteers that you are riding with Positive Pedalers and they will move it to our section for you. Please help us ensure we have the right size section in bike parking for the whole week by making sure your bike is parked in the PosPed bike section on Day 0 – this allows staff to see how much space we will need, and set that up for us in camp. So, if you want to use PosPed parking in camp every night, help us make that happen by using it on Day 0, and throughout the week. We kindly request that riders who are not PosPed members use the regular bike parking section.

AIDS/LifeCycle 8



We will have a supply of bright orange bike flags for those who want to ride with them – pick them up at the PosPed tent on Day 0. The flags attach to your bike at the rear dropout, and we can show you how to install them safely and securely. Check your flag before you ride out every morning just to make sure it is still firmly attached; we ride over so many rough roads that bolts can loosen over time.


AIDS/LifeCycle 9



Claim a tent spot right next to your fellow PosPeds for one of the best addresses in ALC Tent City, and join us in the PosPed tent section! The official code is “pospeds” and would love to have you all as neighbours. To secure your spot using online tent assignment, make sure that both you and your tentmate have at least $2000 in your fundraising account by May 17th (cyclists only, roadies do not have to meet a minimum), and use the “pospeds” code when you go through the online system. Alternatively, come to the bright orange PosPed tent on Day 0 to meet other PosPeds looking for a tentmate, and go through tent assignment together so you can request to be put into the PosPed section. To tent in our section, make sure you get to Tent Assignment by noon on Day 0; after that time, tents will be released to the general pool and you may not be able to get the tent section of your choosing. Of course, you can always come and visit us in camp, no matter what section your own tent is in!


ALC 11 - Day 0



The bright and cheerful Positive Pedalers tent will be set up in one of the halls at the Cow Palace on Orientation Day (usually near Tent Assignments), and we look forward to seeing you there! PosPed t-shirts will be available for pickup for all members. We have the orange Positive Pedalers flags for your bike; a great time to pick it up is just before you head to bike parking, so you can attach it when you put your rider number on the bike. The new Positive Pedalers jersey will be available for pickup and purchase. Blank dedication flags will be on a table nearby, with pens for sharing your thoughts, your memories and your stories – Positive Pedalers members and supporters will carry these flags into the Opening and Closing ceremonies. We are still looking for a few volunteers to be flag carriers during Closing Ceremonies for this very moving tribute. If you are interested, please contact Blake Strasser as soon as possible. The PosPed tent is a great place to regroup and meet your friends during Day 0; get information about PosPed events during the Ride, and meet other members so please stop by to chat and say hello!



AIDS LifeCycle Calendar of Events for Positive Pedalers

ALC 11 - Day 1


The Positive Pedalers tent will be set up in camp every day, right by the dedication tent. Stop by to say hello, get advice, pick up a tshirt or merchandise, check the PosPed event schedule, learn more about the Positive Pedalers, meet other members, share your own story, or just hang out for a while.  For an easy overview of all PosPed-related events, we have compiled a handy day-by-day breakdown for you below.

AIDS/LifeCycle 9

Day 0


Park your bike in the PosPeds section of bike parking, or move it there after you go through registration. Stop by PosPed tent to pick up your tshirt, jersey orders, schedule for the week, PosPed flag for your bike, or just to say hello and meet/make friends. Flag bearers need to pick up information on when/where to meet the next morning. At the flag table, sign and write a note on the commemorative flags to be carried into Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


ALC 11 - Day 1

Day 1 – PosPeds Lead The Journey


PosPeds have the honour of leading the entire pack of cyclists as we start our journey and ride out of the Cow Palace. If you want to ride out with our lead group, please have your bike ready to go in the PosPeds parking section, and make your way to the bikes quickly after Opening Ceremony. Please wear your PosPed jersey and/or vest (cyclists) or PosPed tshirt and hat (roadies) for ride-out. Flag bearers will need to arrive early for quick rehearsal and gather in separate location for the ceremony (typically upstairs near the main entrance onto floor); please remember that you will need to wear a PosPed jersey or tshirt for this. Just before we ride into Santa Cruz, look for a woman standing by the side of the road with a big “thank you for riding” sign; her name is Stephanie and she stands there for hours every year to watch us ride by, and commemorate her brother Gary who she lost to the disease many years ago. She says that we give her hope and joy, and it makes her so happy when people stop to say hello.The PosPed tent will be set up in camp by our very own roadie Gene, so swing by for a chat, to pick up a t-shirt or jersey, or just to hang out and say hello


AIDS/LifeCycle 9

Day 2 – Memories at The Mission


The last water stop at the Mission offers the opportunity to add your name and a message to the altar cloth that will be used in the service that weekend. The chapel is a beautiful, quiet place to reflect. Walk to the end of the parking lot and around the back of the chapel to find the entrance.



AIDS/LifeCycle 9

Day 3 – Positive Pedalers Day


The evening program on Day 3 (Paso Robles) will feature a celebration of the Positive Pedalers – we would love to have all of us in the dining hall for this special evening, so please plan to be back in camp for evening camp announcements. Day 3 is also known as “PosPed Day”, and many members wear their jersey and/or their tshirt that day in solidarity and celebration. The annual David Duncan Stand-Up Award will be presented early in the evening program, and you absolutely don’t want to miss it this year! The evening also includes a brief introduction of the current PosPed board, and the traditional invitation for all HIV+ participants to stand up; for many people, this is an important and emotional moment that we want to support.


ALC 11 - Day 4

Day 4 – Halfway Point


We are working on a special PosPed “Half Way to LA” sign for the traditional picture spot at the top of Evil Twins – check at the PosPed tent for more details during the Ride! At lunch at Cuesta College on Day 4, look for the BBQ Fundraiser for AIDS Network of San Luis Obispo County as a tasty alternative to the regular ALC lunch, and an easy way of supporting local HIV/AIDS services.


ALC 11 - Day 5

Day 5 – Red Dress Day, Group Photo and Pizza Party


After all the laughter of Red Dress Day, the fun continues with the official PosPeds Pizza Party and group photo! We will meet at the Gazebo (not far from the dining tents) at 5pm; the group photo will be set up nearby at approximately 5:15pm. Please wear the PosPed t-shirt or jersey for the picture! The annual PosPed Pizza Party will be at the same Gazebo, right after the ceremonial taking of the group photo. It’s a great chance to socialize, compare tan lines, meet old friends, make new ones, catch up with our roadies, and enjoy some delicious hot pizza. Mark your calendars now!


ALC 11 - Day 6

Day 6 – Candlelight Vigil


We will arrange a meeting place for all members who would like to attend the Candlelight Vigil as a group; this will either be at the PosPed tent, or at a corner of the dining tent – check with Gene at the PosPed tent earlier in the evening for exact details. We will meet there following camp announcements, usually around 8pm or so, and walk out to the vigil together.


ALC 11 - Day 7

Day 7 – Finish Line Festival and Closing Ceremony


This is also one of our “PosPed Jersey Days”, and we would love to see everyone in their PosPed jersey as you complete your journey and finish ALC 12! Riding into LA and crossing the finish line is always an emotional moment, and that becomes even more special when we see so many friends and supporters in their PosPed jerseys.  Anyone volunteering as a flag bearer for Closing Ceremonies will need to be at the VA earlier than route closure, to participate in a quick rehearsal – plan to get there by 1pm, and wear your favorite PosPed attire. You will get more detailed instructions closer to the time. Our PosPed tent will be set up in the Finish Line Festival, and will be a perfect gathering spot for meeting your friends and family, as well as reconnect with all the new friends you have made on the ride. Please stop by to take pictures, trade contact info, hang out, share your stories, say goodbye and start planning for next year!