Annual T-Shirt & Jersey Design Contest

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Annual T-Shirt & Jersey Design Contest

The Envelope Please… And, the winner of the 2016 PosPeds Design Contest is…


The National Board of Positive Pedalers would like to announce the artist submitting the winning entry for the 2016 Design Contest for Jersey and T-Shirt is Jamil Eric Wilkins.

 What was your inspiration for the jersey and t-shirt?  “Our mission as Positive Pedalers is to eliminate HIV stigma through our positive public example. We are not meant to merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with passion, compassion, humor, and style. The way people living with HIV see themselves has a large impact on how we thrive as a community — overcoming self-stigmatization. I want my journey to be an example of what it means to separate HIV from the person living with it. In order to eliminate the stigma behind the life-changing event and thrive because of it, I considered my language, terminology, and self-perception. Although we’re living with HIV, we are not the virus itself. In looking at the person and not the condition, the person can define who he or she truly is. For example, saying I AM HIV POSITIVE places much emphasis on the condition and not the person’s identity. That’s when I responded, WE ARE LIVING WITH HIV, WE’RE NOT HIV POSITIVE and then raised the question, WHAT ELSE ARE WE? That’s when the positive words beginning with “p” were introduced. The words were selected to promote understanding, worth, respect, dignity, and value for people living with HIV. I started with “POWERFUL,” moved to “PRICELESS,” and then added terms to represent our fight throughout the years. Sure, we’re living with HIV, but we are positive in more defining ways.”  Jamil Eric Wilkins  |  twitter: @wayofwilkins

Photo of Jamil is by Thomas Evans


Eliminating Stigma Through Our Positive Public Example