Announcing the 2013 Positive Pedalers Jersey Design Contest.

If you fashion yourself a designer, or even someone with a flair for style, and would like the opportunity to express your creativity specifically focused on the PosPeds organization and mission, then this is your call to action.

To be considered for participation in this year’s design contest, please note the following steps to get you started:

1.  Contact Robert Suarez to submit your name for entry;
2.  Designs must be submitted to Robert no later than January 13, 2012;
3.  Design direction is overall pretty flexible and up to each individual’s creative vision, with two elements that should be included in all designs:

a.  PosPeds logo

(Click for larger image)
b.  PosPeds mission
Eliminating stigma through our positive public example

4.  As a helpful design resource, participants can use the jersey design templates on the Voler website;
5.  For examples of previous year designs, please visit the merchandise section of this website where you will find images of the 2012 and 2011 jersey designs;
6.  Designs will be reviewed by the PosPeds Board in mid-January and a winner will be selected and announced by the end of January.

Any questions can be directed to Robert Suarez.

The Board looks forward to receiving all of your great designs for consideration.

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