Our Annual Rides

Paul Hulse Century Ride

March 28, 2015 ~ Registration is closed!

Russian River Ride

May 1, 2, & 3, 2015. Registration is now open!

Jonathan Pon Memorial Ride

May 16 - 17, 2015. Registration is CLOSED!

Our Merchandise

Recent News

Board Spotlight | Roy Coleman

Photo Credit – Bob Katz While living in rural Florida a young Roy Coleman helped tend the family farm, growing all manner of consumable crops.  Corn, beans and tomatoes filled his days, however nowadays Roy’s time is taken up with a busy life in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As a member of Positive Pedalers

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Notable News

  First let us remind our members and readers, that we do not endorse any therapies, medications, organizations or groups. We are letting our members know of articles that other members have found helpful in navigating their lives with HIV. We hope that you find this information helpful as well. If you know of an

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Charge it!

The Positive Pedelars store-front is open!!!  Our merchandise committee has been hard at work setting up a new selling venue at Pactimo.The log-in location is:  https://teamstore.pactimo.com/stores/select.  The team password is positive20.  Once logged in to the portal, you can order your 20th Anniversary Jersey (designed by Carlos Urrutia). As in the past, you may choose a PosPeds

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PosPed Board Members Help Other Riders Fundraise

We’ve all been there. Whether a first-time rider unsure of how to complete such a monumental task, or a seasoned veteran who just isn’t sure if they’re up for the challenge again this year. Conquering the first hill of any AIDS ride – raising the money required to ride – can be the hardest. Two of our

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Member Spotlight | Robert Boucher

I saw the Positive Pedalers’ booth on about Day 2 or 3 of my first AIDS/LifeCycle in 2012. I sheepishly entered and signed my name to one of the banners. I had no idea what the group was or what the banners were for. But I left in tears thinking about all my loved ones

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Eliminating Stigma Through Our Positive Public Example